Packing Tips

Reduce the risk of strain, fill your packing boxes on a raised surface and avoid lifting from floor level. Place heavy possessions in the bottom of the box and lightweight goods at the top. If the loaded removal box feels too heavy, reduce the weight or get help in lifting the load. Before lifting, ensure your intended pathway is free of all obstacles and potential hazards.

Grip the box firmly and lift smoothly. Do not snatch and lift quickly. Hold the box close to your upper body and move your feet to turn. Do not twist your hips to turn while carrying weight. – All our moving boxes arrive with packing and handling instructions.

We never cut hand holes in our regular moving boxes for the following reasons:-

  • Boxes would have to be partially empty in order to allow hands in.

  • Weight hanging from finger tips pressures the lower back and impedes the ability to balance.

  • Hand holes cut in packing boxes significantly reduces the stacking strength and creates access for wildlife, moisture and those that wish to pilfer.

Number your boxes and keep a list of contents - All our removal boxes have printed room location panels. – Order now and start packing!


Individually wrap glasses and plates and pack them upright in protection dividers. Ensure packed items cannot move by filling all box spaces with cushioning material such as bubble wrap, tissue or general packing paper. – PLATES OR GLASSWARE LAID FLAT WILL CRACK IF IMPACT OCCURS. – We supply both glassware and plate protection dividers.

Tape packing boxes in the ‘H’ tape style top and bottom if shipping overseas. Only use a good quality vinyl tape to create a non-peel able tamper evident bond. – All our moving boxes show a printed illustration of the H tape method.

If shipping to Germany, ensure your removal boxes show the printed ‘RESY’ recycle symbol. This proves to the authorities that the manufacturer has paid the environmental levy. Corrugated packaging not bearing this stamp may be turned away at the border. - All our packing boxes bear this symbol.

Buy now and take advantage of our excellent products and in depth knowledge!


Load wardrobe moving boxes at ground floor level and avoid a downstairs struggle.

If placing wardrobe boxes in storage, tape over the hand holes and seal all box edges.

Do not stack packed boxes in windows or conservatories where thieves may see them.

Never leave your possessions in parked vehicles overnight. They are unlikely to be insured by home contents or vehicle insurance.


Bubble wrap marks polished wood surfaces - Bubble wrap releases microscopic resin particles that cause permanent damage to polished timber surfaces. To deal with this problem, bubble wrap manufacturers have developed Soft-line bubble blanket. This product comprises bubble wrap laminated between a strong shower proof plastic cover and soft absorbent tissue for furniture contact.

For quick moves and short term storage, a tablecloth wrapped around the timber surface and then wrapped over with bubble wrap solves the problem.

Electro static discharge – Static electricity build-up in bubble wrap:- Static electricity can discharge into PC towers and damage the electronics. To avoid this risk, use specially treated ‘PINK’ anti-static bubble wrap.

A potential solution is to wrap PC towers or other electronic equipment in something non-conductive and then wrap over with bubble wrap. - Ensure that the wrapping material you use is non-conductive.

Acid remaining in newspaper from the bleaching process will permanently tarnish crystal glass, silverware, chrome, brass and jewellery. Use acid free tissue to wrap gold leaf crockery etc.



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